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Emma: I really need my own place. 
CS fandom:


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If things go well and she wants me to hold her, I want to use both hands.


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Anonymous: That thing you posted is fake and now freaking people out on Tumblr. Congrats.

I didn’t knew if was fake or real when I posted, I posted because I wanted to know if was fake or not, read the fucking caption! It was never my intention post that to freak people out. In any moment I said it was legit. Anyone could have posted this! Anyway i don’t give a fuck about what you think and i don’t regret posting that cause it wasn’t with bad intention so bye

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F*ck reblogging half naked girls, this is beautiful

for all the people who think they wont find someone to love them, flaws and all…

I can never not reblog this.

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Just a reminder that Stiles has a 10 year plan that he stretched to 15 to make Lydia fall in love with him.♥(An abusive girlfriend to make her jealous was probably step 4)

no chill

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livestreams for OUAT PLEASE

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teen wolf favorite scenes: [16/∞] 
↳ You don’t need the instructions.

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@dylanobrien: Cutie fans you’re the greatest :) thanks for the lovely pictures, videos, and wishes yesterday! Mwah! I kiss you.

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make me choose ewokey asked: 

ward or fitz
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Anonymous: If lydia dies I will cry my eyes out. Do you think jeff would kill her off??

don’t even say it omg i will lost my shit! I don’t think he is that stupid but we never know… Anyway if lydia dies i’m out

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